REDVUCE 2017 Uruguay Inter-American Single Window Conference : Single Window and Blockchain, how they can fit together

  • Posted on: 24 September 2017
  • By: rhemeleers

Leveraging the experience at a global air-cargo airline and multiple single window related projects, we have been modeling the data that is exchanged within multi-modal air-cargo trade lanes between private and public actors into an [b]event-driven relational data model[/b] The model has been the basis for the initial [b]e-manifest/single window demonstrator[/b] of and includes a dashboard designed to plan and monitor multi-modal transport movements, ground handling and government controls. Most international air-cargo shipments are by nature multi-modal, having a road feeder or delivery component, and exchange information with 2 to 4 single windows and/or cargo community platforms. The analysis of the information exchanged within Multiple reference trade lanes illustrates that 50 to 70% of all supply chain details are available within the transport management system of the shipper, or his logistics service provider, at the origin of the trade lane, Our presentation at the Inter-American Network of Single Windows conference in Montevideo, Uruguay, explained through a fictive shipment from Latin America to Europe, the opportunity to use a blockchain to create a fingerprint of the digital shipment documentation when validated by one or more government control authorities at origin. The use case illustrates how the blockchain solution can provide the trust that digital logistics documents are authentic, unique and the latest versions.

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