e-CMR/eFTI Awareness Workshop

  • Posted on: 22 October 2019
  • By: rhemeleers

From #eCMR to #eFTI awareness workshop launced.  Our core #PPMB consulting team is ready.   #FEDeRATED #ProcessManagement

During the workshop, we discussed following subjects:

  • e-CMR, more than paperless
  • the eFTI proposal of the European Commission, the DTLF and the EU CEF Funded "FEDeRATED" Consortium
  • IATA: One Record, API, Internet of Logistics
  • Techno hour: API versus EDI, role of data models and ontologies
  • FEDeRATED pilot projects

It is our intention to tailor the content of the workshop to the priorities of our customers in the private and public sector. 

For more information, contact rhemeleers@51biz.lu 

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